About Us

The Academy of Racine is an Educational Institution that helps International students find their way to the United States and through a Midwest based Middle and High schools. to work with under the Amerstate University of USA project aimed at providing a quality educational opportunity, and, a "total care" program the provides the best for students who travel abroad to the United States for their middle and/or high school experience. The project is aimed at providing students with all the necessary services, exposures and opportunities to schools that are committed to excellence, achievement and advancement to the next level of the educational paradigm within the United States. Amerstate University and Academy of Racine will give to International students are admitted to a Amerstate University Partner Middle and High Schools. If students are need proof of English for Middle and High schools admitted still have a conditional admitted Students are enrolled into schools and English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs, and our Intensive English Program (IEP), Academy of Racine offers supplemental services and programming to help students adjust to life in the US and prepare for academic success. These programs benefit International students who have exemplary overall academic performance and relatively low English proficiency. Upon completion of preparatory courses of 1 year or half a year, conditionally admitted students can matriculate into academic programs at Amerstate University partner institutions. With our vast experience working internationally and connections throughout East and the United States, The Academy of Racine is poised to make a difference in the lives of students and enhance globalization union of United States Education Institutions.
The Academy of Racine works with educators who possess experience in interacting with international students and serve as Student Advisors. Student Advisors will conduct in-depth communication with students and assist them in learning and living in United States. The Student Advisor will also organize cultural experience events to help students get a better understanding of U.S. culture and merge into the community. The Academy of Racine's commissary and facility allow for different flavors of cuisines, a gym, library, study rooms, entertainment, and exercises rooms. We believe students will find their experience here rewarding and comfortable. With Fort Wayne, Indiana, Racine, Wisconsin and Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Academy of Racine’s personal recruiters abroad act as ambassadors and extensions of our institution in order to assure efficiency, integrity, and success. This partnership allows The Academy of Racine and its recruiters to stand out in a competitive market.
AOREDU's The Intensive English Program developed its curriculum from various International language schools with the assistance of their respective Deans. Our Second Language Acquisition Theory boasts rich experience in teaching English as a second language and has achieved great (success since 2006).
AOREDU, with our deep understanding of International students' learning habits, students will acquire knowledge of American Culture and academic skills, via their progression through the IEP courses. AOREDU, The Academy of Racine also emphasizes on helping students overcome cultural conflicts and confusions of studying abroad. We are happy to provide individualized studying strategy and professional planning for students to have a prosperous future. Best wishes from the Faculty at The Academy of Racine.
Faculty and Staff of Amerstate University and Academy of Racine.